The 10 Most-Read Modern Farmer Stories of 2021

This year, Modern Farmer reader interests were wide and varied. The early days of the COVID-19 pandemic inspired more people to get back to gardening and composting—or start doing so for the first time. That trend spilled over into 2021, and some of our most-read stories this year involved houseplants and indoor gardening systems. We’ve also seen a continued interest in news about the quality of our food and the people who grow it. Our team is committed to bringing more of that to you in 2022.

Here’s a list of this year’s top 10 most-read articles for you to catch up on.

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10. The Issue of ‘White Striping’ in Store-Bought Chicken

A new report claims that the vast majority of supermarket chicken is affected by this muscle disease.

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9. The Rise of At-Home Hydroponic Gardens

With intelligent indoor gardening systems, you can now grow leafy greens, vegetables, herbs and fruits in your living room, kitchen, even tiny studio apartment.

Photo courtesy of Jasper Hill Farm.

8. The Future of Hay Drying in America

Although hay dryers are a staple throughout Europe, they are few and far between on US farms. But as climate change intensifies, that’s changing.

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7. OPINION: Don’t Stop at Big Tech—We Need to Bust Big Agriculture, Too

A wave of consolidation has given a few large companies control of proprietary, multi-level systems of traits, seeds, agrochemicals and digital technology.


Photo courtesy of Grace Pond Farm.

6. Small Ranchers, Big Problems

Some farmers are pushing for a bill that would allow states to set their own regulations for the retail sale of meat. It has failed to pass Congress five times.

5. The Great American Chestnut Tree Revival

More than a century ago, billions of American chestnuts were wiped out by an invasive fungus. Now, scientists are working to restore the tree to its former glory.

Photo courtesy of Apeel Sciences.

4. This Edible Peel Extends the Shelf Life of Produce

Apeel Sciences has created a way to stop food from spoiling before it reaches our plates.

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3. 5 Rare Plants That Are Surprisingly Easy to Care For

These stunners will be a special addition to your houseplant collection, without all the fuss.

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2. How to (Actually) Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Free your home of these relentless pests.

Photo courtesy of Greg Quinn.

1. A Once-Forbidden Fruit Makes a Resurgence

How one Hudson Valley grower helped overturn a nearly century-old ban on black currants.

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